When the Material Gets Tough ...

When you need to cut through thick, abrasive surfaces, equip yourself with a diamond saw blade that has the power to tackle these kinds of jobs. Eliminate frustration by using the best tool for cutting through concrete, glass, marble, granite, and similar hard materials. Used extensively for shaping gems, slicing superconductors, and in construction, these diamond cutting blades offer both heft and precision.

The circular design is the most common. However, there are other kinds of diamond saw blades. Stone blocks that need cutting respond well to a grouping of diamond gang saw blades. These consist of diamond segments attached to a steel plate that has a sizable length. Band saws with diamonds typically have them placed on the teeth. Some industries get creative in developing their own tools using diamond blades. For example, diamond abrasives applied to wire become a precision tool for jewelry makers.

What makes a diamond saw blade special is its ability to grind up material and not cut it. Powder metals form the bond that holds the diamond segments to the blade. As the bonds wear down, new diamond surfaces get exposed, creating sharper angular surfaces for grinding. When deciding what type of blade to use, it’s best to select a bond that works well with the material you need to cut. For example, cutting a hard material requires a bond that gives way more quickly so that sharper diamond edges become available fast enough to grind the material. 

There are three different ways to make diamond cutting wheels. Sintering and vacuum brazing are not as effective as electroplating. This process allows a layer of diamond bits to work while being exposed from the bonding agent, a set-up that’s preferable to having them actually embedded in the bond.

Electroplating allows you to preserve your tools by making it easy to refurbish the saw blade when it’s worn out. Instead of trashing the entire saw, you merely have the blade replated. With electroplating, it’s possible to remove the run down layer of diamonds and apply a new one. Because diamond cutting blade are restorable in this way, they’re a wise investment for any business or individual who uses them frequently. In addition, through the electroplating process, the diamond layer holds its form for an extended period of time, giving it superior performance. Even though it’s strippable, the abrasive bond is very strong. Electroplated diamond cutting tools typically last a long time because you can refresh them when the blades wear out.