Where to Get Grinding Wheels in Stock, on Demand

At CDT, we are often asked if we stock grinding wheels. As a custom grinding wheel manufacturer, our wheels are designed to specific manufacturing processes. Universal (stock) grinding wheels rarely match the performance of our custom superabrasives in unique manufacturing settings.

That said, we can help you design a grinding wheel that maximizes performance, and make sure that wheel is available when you need it. Or if there is a stock wheel you know works great, we can have that on hand for you, too. When you find a grinding wheel manufacturer that understands your process, reorders are easy.

Choosing Your Grinding Wheel Manufacturer

CDT, like most manufacturers, lists the grit type, grit size, wheel hardness, structure, and bond using a code for every grinding wheel produced. However, there is no standard among manufacturers defining what these codes mean — the specification alone does not tell the whole story. This makes it difficult to take a grinding wheel from one manufacturer and substitute it for another grinding wheel of equal marking.

What if you are unhappy with your current grinding wheel source? Assuming you need your grinding wheel to perform exacting work and you want to limit your grief, we recommend you get guidance from an experienced grinding wheel specialist before making a substitution.

At CDT, we can interpret the codes on your grinding wheel and get a close approximation. Even so, you should expect some trial and error when converting from one brand of wheel to another. Dialing in the precise settings is a process, but it’s worth it to find a grinding wheel manufacturer who offers consistently competitive quality, delivery times, and price.

Ordering Replacement Grinding Wheels

Once you have your custom grinding wheel working efficiently, and you are happy with your manufacturer, you want to know you can get that grinding wheel on demand.

At CDT, we cater to our customers needs. We keep precise records of every wheel we manufacture. If there is a wheel you regularly need in stock, let us know and we will make it available upon request.

What Products Are Available?

CDT manufactures all the most popular superabrasive products on the market today: electroplated, resin bond, metal bond, and vitrified grinding wheels. Within our resin line, we have our GL Series that is comparable to a hybrid bond wheel and provides even more customizable performance options. Your best choice depends on your industry, material, process, and objectives.

In addition, we offer many types of dressers to keep your grinding wheels operating at peak performance — from diamond rotary to stationery varieties. We also have diamond lapping compounds, used in polishing materials to a mirror finish.

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