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Why Industries Choose CDT



Continental Diamond Tool (CDT) is a family owned company with main office and manufacturing located in New Haven, Indiana. CDT’s reputation as a leading-edge manufacturer of Diamond and CBN wheels is the result of a disciplined commitment to excellence that has led the company since 1973. 


AT CDT we have produced a superior product line of superabrasives by mixing cutting edge technology with experienced craftsmanship. Our engineers are specialists in their field and take pride in maintaining the highest quality standards. We produce all of our Saw and Tool grinding wheels in-house under a stringent quality control system. We manufacture our wheels using CNC machines and automatic presses to maintain a consistent product of the highest quality. We are so proud that we stand behind each item with full warranty-backing.


We custom manufacture products tailored to our customers' specific needs. If your business requires durable, precise, plated grinding wheels, we can meet your custom requests for new or strip and replate tools. We boast a full machine shop with skilled technicians and an extensive inventory of raw material.  This enables us to supply an unlimited assortment of superabrasive products in a timely manner with guaranteed satisfaction.


Our industry expertise gives our superabrasive wheels and tools their unique precision. Our state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled experts are supported by decades of experience. Bushings, washers, rings, and blocks can be precisely ground internally or externally to your product specifications with our quality tools.The result is a finished product unmatched in quality and consistency. 

Personalized Tech Support

From prototype to production, replacement tooling, or improving your existing operations, our cutting-edge customer service and tech staff can help you overcome the obstacles to increasing productivity and success. Our sales and manufacturing work closely together to ensure a satisfied customer experience. 

Competitive Pricing and Lead Times

We’ve maintained our position and reputation in the marketplace by meeting our customers’ needs and producing the highest quality superabrasive products at competitive prices. Time is money. That is why we stock an extensive inventory of raw materials to deliver your order faster than others in the industry. We custom-design tools according to our customers' specifications, with some of the fastest delivery times in the industry while maintaining the highest-quality product.


Whether your needs are wet or dry, we have a product that will get the job done. We produce custom diamond or CBN grinding wheels in every grit from coarse to fine. We have the ability to handle various composites with ease, such as: Marble, fiberglass, quartz, silicon, glass, ceramics, carbon, graphite, and natural stone. Our diamond plated grinding wheels can tackle the toughest projects under low heat while our CBN is the perfect material for steel. When it comes to getting the job done, our role is helping you accomplish your goals as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Our customer service department is ready to assist you with technical help, quotes, order entry, availability and production status with quick response assuring you get the right product at the right price. Fill out our form for a free quote today, or call 800-443-6629, and see our quality for yourself.


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