• Versatile

  • Long-lasting and Cost-effective

  • Efficient and Precise

  • Improved Performance


Supply our design team with the component and profile wishing to be dressed, along with grinding wheel information, and we will provide a drawing for approval. Your satisfaction is ensured by our Performance Guarantee.


Regular maintenance using diamond dressers ensures that your diamond grinding wheel will perform at peak efficiency, trouble-free, for its long, sustainable life.

Abrasive wheels wear over time and require maintenance and truing using diamond dressers. Star dressers feature long handles and serrated discs, while diamond dressers are generally preferred because of their superior strength and versatility. CDT’s diamond dressers are designed to achieve a geometric profile and the desired wheel topography. The correct dresser reduces thermal stress on the work piece, enabling you to achieve optimum grinding results. We manufacture your dresser per order, so custom designs are easy for us to produce; supply our design team with the component and profile wishing to be dressed, along with grinding wheel information, and we will provide a drawing for approval once an order has been placed.

CDT diamond dressers are:

  • Versatile Diamond dressers have shorter handles and are great for both dressing and truing.

  • Long-lasting and Cost-effective Diamond dressing tools are durable, with a decreased dressing cost per project, making them a cost-effective dressing solution.

  • Efficient and Precise Diamond grinding wheel dressers perform a constant operation that boasts high profile accuracy.

  • Quick, High Performance With diamond dressers, count on a fast dressing of even the most complex wheel profiles.

Dresser selection

When choosing any dressing tool or diamond wheel dressing stick, it’s important to select the tool that is the proper shape, size, and quality for the grinding wheel. Choosing a dresser or grinding wheel dressing stick that is softer than the grinding wheel will not dislodge any abrasive particles and can result in a loaded wheel. If you don’t know which tool will work best with your application, discuss it with our knowledgeable customer service team to determine exactly what you need: 800-443-6629.

Dresser types

Differing designs and attributes make various types of Diamond dressing tools best suited for different applications. Common types include: 

  • Single Point — for straight dressing and dressing grinding wheels with simple profiles.

  • Stationary — can be fastened to a suitable holder or shank to match any machine toolholder, such as Diamond Fliesen® tools.

  • Multi-Point — boasts shorter production time, lower costs, faster stock removal, and long service life.

  • Diamond Roll Dressers — are used for tight tolerance and complex form dressing in Aerospace, Automotive, and Saw Industries. See our page devoted to this type of dresser here.

Dresser sizes

External diameter up to 200 mm
Profile width of single roller up to 210 mm

Other custom sizes available on request.




  • CD / non CD (Continuous Dressing)

  • HSCD (High Speed Continuous Dressing)

  • IPD (In Process Dressing)

  • High-speed pendulum grinding

The Conditioning Process

Over time, particle build up has the potential to cover up surface abrasives, making them dull and ineffective. Dressing the wheel knocks off any abrasive particles, resulting in a balanced and concentric wheel with minimal vibration. This "cleaning" essentially acts as a sharpening process, since the fresh abrasive grains are each cutting tools in their own right.