Diamond Lapping Compounds

CDT lapping and polishing compounds are excellent for mold, die, and tool polishing. These compounds also provide superior results when polishing to final tolerance of ceramic parts, tool-room use, and many other high finish and tight tolerance performance applications.

Diamond is the hardest and the most abrasive-resistant material used in nearly every type of industry. Our diamond lapping compounds use these unique characteristics to improve your finishing capabilities. You may choose to add diamond powders to the polishing paste in some instances.

Whether your job calls for high stock removal, fast polishing times, or superior finishes, you can find a compound that will help you achieve better results and a mirror finish. Both water and oil soluble compound are available in 5 and 18 gram syringes. Our syringes are disposable plastic dispensers that are convenient and safe from outside impurities.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Faster cut rates

  • High surface finish

  • Excellent surface tension

  • Quality viscosity

  • Low evaporation rate

  • Key adhesion to tools and surfaces

  • Easily cleans surfaces with both water and oil

Customers often ask what grit do we use for mold, die, and tool polishing? Our engineers are happy to assist you in finding the best compound for your specific application: 800-443-6629.

Since 1973, CDT has lead the field in providing technically superior precision tooling solutions to numerous industries. If you need rapid, accurate lapping, polishing and super-finishing, contact our technical team to learn more about our diamond lapping compounds.