*Test Policy* Performance Payoff Guarantee

Continental Diamond Tool stands behind our commitment to our customers and our employees with one simple statement:

“Small Company Values / Large Company Capabilities”

Our confidence stems from having a distributor network which is based on a "Relationship & Performance" foundation that is unparalleled in customer service, reliability and high quality precision. We provide the design and manufacturing for making each tool, which is backed by our outstanding ship times and our Test Policy Performance Payoff Guarantee.

How it works

  1. CDT will guarantee that your tooling will be manufactured to your requested dimensional and abrasive specifications.
  2. You define the application requirements, the definition of a successful test, and the length of time of the test.
  3. If CDT cannot match the quality or life of your current tooling, you will only be charged according to its value to you, based upon your current tooling cost.

For warranty questions contact your CDT sales representative, call 800-443-6629 or email us.



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