CDT Now Offering Same Day Shipping on Select High Performance Grinding Wheels for the Cutting Tool Industry


Last year Continental Diamond Tool Corporation introduced its GL™ Bond — custom formulated grinding wheels with a winning combination of durability, finish, and performance. 

The GL™ Series is the superior option of superabrasive diamond and CBN grinding wheels for the cutting tool industry. Using the latest Advanced Bond technology, competitive trials have proven that the bond grinds up to four times quicker without losing the wheel edge. Flute from solid, regrind, gash and end work, and relief. 

GL™ bond is not your standard “one size fits all.” This bond is tailored to specific grinding applications, providing the highest quality tool with the most efficient performance. Its unique properties offer key advantages to the CNC Tool and Cutter Grinder in many ways:

  • Free cutting action with superior form retention and surface finish 

  • Self sharpening bond lengthens wheel life and dressing interval 

  • High material removal rate with high temperature stability 

  • Maximum heat dissipation with low and constant power consumption

  • Optimal wheel profile stability lowers costs due to wear 

Previously cutting tool manufacturers had to commission custom-designed GL™ wheels to get all these benefits. Now CDT is stocking our most popular shapes and sizes specifically tailored to cutting tool manufacturing at affordable, off-the-shelf prices. CDT wheels are compatible with most of the cutting tool industry's leading CNC Tool and Cutter Grinder machinery.

If you are in the cutting tool industry and are interested in gaining a competitive edge with CDT's GL™ Series grinding wheels, contact our knowledgeable team of service techs today. Tell us your requirements and we will check our inventory for availability or provide you a custom quote. Wheels in stock ship the same day! 

Or call 800-443-6629.

Angie Carel