Quality Tools and Quality Results

Every abrasive operation from engineering to optics, stone carving to carbide distribution requires quality tools and quality results. Diamond plated options now offer both, with their sturdy cores and sharp edges adapting to every need. Seamless manufacturing is now possible.

Dense materials (such as concrete, ceramic, coal or asphalt) are no longer a challenge to master. Instead diamond options provide ways to create even finishes every time. Their precise cuts prove invaluable for abrasive manufacturing and there are now items for everyday grinding, sawing and routing.

Abrasive grinding wheels are familiar sights within the manufacturing industry and diamond plated tools are quickly becoming just as familiar. These wheels boast industrial gemstones, whether mined or produced synthetically. They are then inserted into grinding machines (such as cylindrical grinders, bench grinders, wash grinders and more) and immediately begin to smooth out rough materials. They are usually applied to stone or carbide items, but can be used for a variety of tooling needs. Diamond grinding provides effortless results.

Diamond plated mounted saws, as their name suggests, are blades (whether circular, head-rigged or banded) that are infused with gemstones. They are exceptionally sharp, and this allows them to cut through almost any material without bending or breaking. They are most commonly chosen for concrete, bricks, asphalt and similar construction items. Their edges efficiently grind down surfaces and achieve a polished texture.

A router is an essential tool within any abrasive operation. Diamond plated routers, however, provide specialized results. These options can easily rabbit, round and bead once-resistant materials. They quickly hollow out stone, ceramics and more, allowing individuals to better shape their cuts. The industrial gems placed on the routing bits offer long-lasting strength, but can also be easily controlled. This allows them to adapt to most tooling needs.

There are many applications for diamond wheels, blades and routers. Users must remember, however, to maintain all equipment properly. The value of diamond plating is its efficiency. Without regular cleaning and care that efficiency will soon fade. Clear away particles; sharpen every edge. Doing this will protect the integrity of the tools and ensure strong results from now on.

Within the manufacturing industry there are many needs. Those needs can be addressed by a diamond grinding wheel, a diamond plated mounted saw or a diamond plated router. Choose the right option for difficult projects (such as ceramic cutting or shaping lathes) and experience exceptional cutting every day.