The Right Tools for Every Application

It’s not the discovery and control of fire that really separated man from the other animals – it’s tool-making that truly took the human race out of caves and into civilization. Tools changed the course of human history, and today they are still at the heart of every great item made by the hand of man. When you want to make amazing products, you need truly amazing tools. Get the right abrasive grinding wheels for your metal-shaping projects and you’ve got the tools you need to make your business a success.

Certain manufacturing would never be possible without serious tools that do a tough job. We carry everything from mounted grinding wheels to plated wheels, machinery to suit any type of manufacturing project. Isn’t it time you add large company capabilities to your business’s resume?

Grinding Wheels for Maximum Productivity

If it’s maximum productivity you need, look for CBN grinding wheels. The metal bonding on these wheels creates a very tough tool that holds its shape even after hard use. They’re commonly used in wet grinding. They work well on glass, quartz, silicon, ceramics and many other materials, including optics. This offers very low-maintenance, high-quality machining.

Replating for Extended Use

Have a used grinding wheel diamond bonded tool replated for long use. Once the bond has begun to dull, send the tool back to us. On an affordable plan, it’s easy to have that tool replated so that it performs like new again. These tools have an aggressive bond to hold form even after lots of use.

Grinding Wheels for High Efficiency and Precision

Copper or phonelic resin is at the heart of resin bonded grinding wheels. Use these when you want high-efficiency equipment that works precisely and quickly. They self-sharpen, and despite the superabrasive grinding they tend to stay at low temperatures. Use these wheels to polish, sharpen or grind at will. Like bonded wheels, these tools perform well for wet and dry tasks. Use them for glass, alloys, ceramics and many other materials.

Carborundum — the trusted name in grinding wheels

Look for Carborundum grinding wheels when you want a trusted, name brand tool. It’s a well-known name in the grinding business, and their tools are available in many different sizes and types.

Get the quality superabrasive tooling you need in one week or less with our fast delivery policy. Start manufacturing like a large company at prices even small companies can afford. You need the right equipment for every job to get the right results. Start with a company that has all the right machinery. Start with technical experts at Continental Diamond Tool Corporation.

Angie Carel