• Excellent Precision at the Highest Feed Rates

  • Increased Productivity while Lowering Process Costs

  • Superior Wheel Life and Long Dressing Interval

  • Withstands Cutting Forces from High-Speed, High-Temperature Applications

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Each tool is custom designed for your unique application. We stand behind our craftsmanship, backed by our Performance Guarantee.


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Choose GL™ Bond for a Winning Combination of Durability, Finish and Performance

The Cutting Tool industry has a new, superior option for Superabrasive Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels. Using the latest Advanced Bond technology, the GL™ Series for Tool & Cutter Grinding allows you to grind quicker without losing your wheel edge. Flute from solid, regrind, gash and end work, and relief. The GL™ wheel provides all the benefits that a cutting tool manufacturer is looking for. The GL bond is not your standard “one size fits all.” This bond can be tailored to your specific grinding application allowing you to provide the highest quality tool in the most efficient amount of time in the Cutting Tool industry.

Key Advantages

These unique properties improve the performance of the CNC Tool and Cutter Grinder in many ways:

  • Free cutting action with superior form retention and surface finish

  • Self sharpening bond lengthens wheel life and dressing interval

  • High material removal rate with high temperature stability

  • Maximum heat dissipation with low and constant power consumption

  • Optimal wheel profile stability lowers costs due to wear

Example Applications


Flute Grind Like No Other

In our competitive comparison, fluting was originally done in two passes. The CDT GL™ Bond achieved a single pass at double the feed rate with no damage to the workpiece while achieving a 25% increase in finish.


Outstanding Results in

Primary & Secondary Grind

In our competitive comparison, the GL™ Bond increased the primary and secondary operations by four times while continuing to produce a better finish.


Materials Processed

  • Carbide

  • High Speed Steel


  • Cutting Tools

  • Endmills

  • Drills

  • Reamers

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We are now stocking a selection of wheels specific to the cutting tool industry. Our tech team is standing by to ship you the right wheel for your specifications. Email or call us at 800-443-6629 to inquire about the tool you need.

GL™ Competitive Comparison


Fluting Cycle Reduced 80% vs. Competition's D91 Hybrid Wheel

Cycle Times Reduced 70% vs. Competition's D64 Hybrid Wheel