What Feed & Speed do I run the wheel?

High-Speed Grinding Wheels Can Increase Your Production Rates

High-speed grinding wheels can increase a manufacturer’s production rates, improve product quality, and reduce production costs. Two of the most popular superabrasive products used for these purposes include the CBN grinding wheel and the diamond wheel.


CBN wheels are made with synthesized crystalline material produced in a similar way used for growing manmade diamonds. This is done with high-pressure, high-temperature techniques, so CBN wheels are similar to diamond wheels in that they are resistant to wear and noted for strength.

Abrasive grains for CBN wheels are improving each year leading to more controlled strength and shapes that were once challenges in this industry. Whether a customer chooses to use a CBN wheel or a diamond wheel, it’s important to note which elements are sigrenificant in achieving the desired result.

The wheel diameter plays an important role, since the smaller the wheel the easier it is to use and, generally, the less expensive it is. Small wheels are also easier to handle and balance. Larger wheels, however, are more suited to faster operating speeds.

All grinding wheels have a hub that has to be designed with proper mounting techniques in order for it to operate at the highest speeds. This means having the wheel mounted to a spindle that keeps it from shifting even as centrifugal force pushes the wheel into greater speeds. Any type of imbalance will affect the wheel’s stability and could result in dangerous slippage. Experienced CBN and diamond wheel suppliers will have worked out any balance issues and develop a quality superabrasive that will always be balanced and work at high rates of speed.

Coolant is also important with diamond cutting blades and CBN wheels since it keeps the wheels from overheating. Coolant also provides adequate lubrication and flushes out any particles and chips that could interfere with the wheel’s performance. Dressing is another important aspect, which is accomplished with rotary diamond technology.

Whether your needs deal with applications in the aerospace, ceramics, automotive, oil, electronics, or medical industries, it’s important to find a superabrasives supplier that has knowledgeable customer service and skilled experts that provide custom-made cutting and grinding products. Continental Diamond Tool is a leading supplier that has based its business on blending customer relationship with product performance. They boast not only superior superabrasive tooling, but offer the industry’s best delivery time of one week, encourage new expansion, and a new electro plating room. The unsurpassed quality and professionalism of this customer manufacturer makes ordering superabrasives easier than ever.