How do Superabrasives compare to conventional abrasives?

Superabrasives 101

If you’re in the market for superabrasives, it’s important to be familiar with common terms and product types that can help you discover which superabrasive is best for your needs. The metal bond grinding wheel is one of the most commonly used wheels, and the name denotes the metal bonding material that is most often used with a variety of grinding wheel types.

Using metal fillers, grinding wheels suppliers will manufacture the metal grinding wheel to specification. Metal bond is available with cubic boron nitride (CBN) and diamond wheels, and are generally used with coolant to prolong the wheel’s lifespan.

There are several advantages to using metal bond wheels, not least of which is its extended life. A metal bond ensures that the wheel has a fast stock removal. It also leads to a reduction in the dressing frequency and boasts more advanced form holding capabilities. Metal bonds are also extremely strong, so they are typically used in internal, form, glass, ceramic, tool cutting, and creep-feed applications.

A grinding wheel dresser, often referred to simply as a wheel dresser or grinding dresser, is an essential tool that dresses the grinding wheel surface. Dressing a wheel knocks any abrasive particles from the surface in order to make the grinding wheel concentric. This means less vibration and an improved finish. The grinding dresser is also important when cleaning the metal bond grinding wheel. One of the main benefits of using a metal bond grinding wheel is that it requires dressing less frequently than other wheel types.

Metal bond even goes beyond grinding wheels, since diamond core drills, solid diamond drills, and disintegrating core drills can all be manufactured using metal bond. Metal bond is primarily used in wet grinding. It can work well on glass, silicon, semi-conductors, refractories, and ceramics. Many industries choose to use metal bond tools because they are low maintenance but offer high productivity, making them ideal for maximum yield endeavors. They are also available in a range of tools, from the more aggressive CNC grinding down to light polishing.

When searching for grinding wheels suppliers, go with a company experienced in custom manufacturing with a wide range of superabrasives, including metal bond. A reputable company will tailor every order to each individual customer’s needs and offer a knowledgeable customer service that can help you determine the type of tools and products you need. Going with an experienced superabrasives provider will result in unmatched quality and a pleasant buying experience.