What bond is best for my application?

Types of CBN Grinding Wheels

CBN stands for cubic boron nitride. This is a type of synthetic compound as it, like all boron nitride compounds, is not found anywhere in nature. The structure of this compound is a symmetrical structure not unlike a diamond. It is extremely hard, stable under heat and has a high resistance to other chemicals. In fact, cubic boron nitride is the second hardest material, after a diamond. These properties make CBN extremely useful for industrial use. Learn more about how it can be used as an abrasive or cutting tool--particular as a grinding wheel--and perhaps you’ll discover how it could be utilized in your workplace too.

During the grinding process, you have a few options when it comes to what material to use. You should ask yourself the following questions to make your decision:

In many cases, you may decide that utilizing CBN material just makes sense. CBN grinding wheels are extremely hard and ideal for many jobs. Very little pressure is required, meaning that there is less heat and nearly no sparks generated. This is a big change versus using a grinding wheel that is not as hard. Additionally, these wheels are reliable and long-lasting, unlike standard abrasives, the wheel face remains straight, without grooves. The durability and low need for maintenance means that CBN grinding wheels are less-costly to operate than many other products too.

Because cubic boron nitride cutting tools are so hard and durable, they are ideal for use for a number of tasks such as metal grinding and tool sharpening. Plated tools, like the cbn wheels from CDT, consist of a single layer of CBN exposed from the bond instead of imbedded--like with resin and metal bonds. This also helps the wheel to hold its form and remain durable over the long haul. This will save you time and money and help provide optimal results.

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