The Electroplating Process - The How and the Why


Diamond tools come in many different styles. One of the more commonly used types of diamond tools are those that have been electroplated. Understanding what exactly electroplating is, how the electroplating process works and what these tools are used for is important - especially if you plan to use any type of diamond tools in your machining process. That way, you can determine if these are the right solution for your machining needs.

What is Electroplating?

Electroplating is the process where a metal object is coated with a thin layer of another metal using electrolysis. For most applications these metal coatings are thin, less than .002 inch thick. With diamond tools, a strong layer of metal tool is electroplated to bond a single layer of diamond to the tool.  This adds strength to the tool and additionally, it makes a tool that can grind even the hardest materials.

How Does the Electroplating Process Work?

A solution is created using a “salt” of metal coating plus water. This is referred to as an electrolytic bath. The object or tool that will be plated is placed in the electrolytic bath. Then, a metal bar is added to the bath. It may be the metal used for plating or another material that isn’t affected (insoluble electrode). After this, the object is connected to a source of direct current and the bar is connected as well. Once power is applied, the electrolysis process occurs creating a plating. Multiple layers can be applied to achieve the desired levels of plate.

What Are Electroplated Tools Used For?

The electroplated tools are stronger than even standard tools or composite tools. With the right plating, an old, worn tool or wheel can be sharper and stronger than ever. These are used in machining mainly for grinding or cutting processes. These tools are used in the manufacturing of components for the auto industry, medicine, aerospace, computers and factory work. The strength, affordability and usability of electroplated tools make them highly desirable within all levels of the manufacturing process.

Now that you understand more about electroplating and diamond tools, it may be time to determine the best options for your business. CDT (Continental Diamond Tool) sells new electroplated diamond tools, or we can work with you to electroplate your current tools to help you accomplish more than you ever thought possible. Call or contact us to learn more about our services and solutions we would love to work with you!

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