The Right Tools for the Job

Everything can’t be made from wood all the time. For everything else, from cars to delicate eyeglasses, you need precision shaping, polishing and grinding tools. Without the right tools, you can’t work with metal, glass, ceramics or many other materials used by different industries. Use super-abrasive tooling for those machining needs, and enjoy large company capabilities that allow you to handle many more products.

Take a look at plating grinding tools if you want to perform diamond grinding, shaping and polishing. Electroplated wheels have a single layer of tough diamond that’s exposed, rather than embedded, to create a highly durable bond. The secret of these plated diamond grinding wheels is their replating ability. Send your worn-down diamond grinding wheel to us, and we’ll set you up with an affordable plan so you get a like-new tool. Through the replating process, the tool is completely refurbished to work as it did when you first purchased it.

We have CBN grinding wheels made with the same electroplating process as well. Shop for plated hole saws or plated bank saw blades to start shaping and manufacturing all the products you want. Looking for a different type of CBN wheel? Look to our selection of metal bonded tools. Cubic boron nitride, CBN, is also used to make many metal bonded CBN grinding wheels.

The metal bonded process gives you a CBN grinding wheel that can handle ceramics, silicon, quartz, glass, optic materials and many other mediums. Metal bonded tools are very long-wearing and low-maintenance. Use them in both wet and dry grinding to complete your project.

Shaping and sculpting is all part of manufacturing, and you want your company involved in all types of manufacturing to appeal to the widest possible base of customers. Shop for super-abrasive tooling that will allow you to get the job done. With our industry best, fast delivery policy, you’ll have grinding tools in as little as one week after purchase. Our products have affordable pricing to give you large company capabilities without the big corporate price tag.

Start getting more done with your business, and get more customers. The right tools allow you to get many more jobs done. Expand your business, and start making more out of your company. When you can start making more products, the sky’s the limit on what you can eventually do. It all begins with good tools suited to the tasks you have on your list.