What You Should Know Before Picking A Supplier

Diamond grinding wheels are available in a variety of commonly used shapes and sizes, but custom tools are often needed in specialized industries, including medical, aerospace, and ceramics. Weeding through professional grinding wheel manufacturers can be a daunting task, but custom-made surface grinding wheels are necessary for these industries.

Super abrasive products are used throughout the globe and are sought after by a wide assortment of customers. This means that diamond grinding wheel suppliers should be well versed in numerous applications, from electronics and composites to the oil industry, and everything in between. Look for a company that also specializes in plated, resin bond, and metal bond products, since different CBN wheels are designed for different grinding operations.

Cutting wheels consist of five major characteristics, including grain size, material, grain spacing, wheel grade, and bond type. Grain size determines the coarseness of the abrasive while the material indicates the actual abrasive itself, whether it is made from aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, ceramic, diamond, or cubic boron nitride. Grain spacing indicates the density of the wheel and wheel grade determines how hard or soft the bond holds the abrasive. Bond type affects the coolant, finish, and wheel speeds, and can be made of anything from rubber to metal.

Diamond wheels are made with diamonds, just as the name suggests. This gemstone is perfectly suited to grinding because it can stand up to extremely hard materials without breaking down. Some of the materials that diamond wheels are used to grind include other gemstones, concrete, and carbide cutting tips.

It’s important to go with a manufacturer noted for having the industry best lead time. Reputable companies often have a product ready and shipped within 7-10 working days, so never settle for anyone who doesn’t have the capabilities to have a custom super abrasive product ready in a week. Consider that the supplier should have personalized customer service that can pass on knowledge of the products as well, helping customers select the best super abrasive for their individual needs.

Continental Diamond Tool (CDT) is a leading provider of super-abrasives that maintains small company values but boasts large company capabilities, making them a highly sought after supplier. They specialize in the manufacture and application of CBN and diamond products used for both grinding and cutting, and are experienced in a wide range of industries. They also employ skilled experts with decades of experience, all of whom utilize the latest equipment to create a quality product unmatched in the industry.