Which Type of Grinding Wheel Is Right For The Job?

You can always work with materials that are easy to shape, like pipe cleaners, but if you want to build something strong you've got to build with metal. It stands up to wear and tear, and once you shape metal it stays that way. But shaping metal is serious business, and for that you need serious tools from grinding wheels manufacturers.

Metal shaping occurs in automotive repair and rebuilding quite commonly, but there are lots of other reasons you might want to shape metal. If you want to build anything brand-new or re-build something older that’s no longer up to par, you’ll have to shape the metal. This tough material gives you the firm foundation you need for your manufacturing projects.

But metal is tough and hard to work, so you’ve got to have the tools that get the job done. Choose the right surface grinding wheels for the tasks you want to carry out. If you do the job right the first time around, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble and agony later.

When you want something high-efficiency that works quickly, you want resin bonded grinding wheels you can trust. You need something that spins true and cuts with precision, a self-sharpening tool that rarely needs maintenance. That’s exactly what you’re going to find from our resin bonded grinding wheels. They tend to stay at a low temperature even during use, decreasing your risk of burning your project. Use them for sharpening, polishing and all types of grinding work.

Your projects may need diamond grinders or CBN wheels. The electroplated bond is aggressive, and maintains its edge longer than other types of surface grinding wheels. These plated grinders can also be stripped and replated, prolonging use. Get your diamond grinders or CBN wheel replated by Continental Diamond Tool to affordably refurbish your tools. Use a plan to pay for the process, and you’ll have like-new tools for less.

Companies of all types shape metal, and it's used by manufacturers in medical, optics, aerospace and many other industries. With the right surface grinding tools, you’ll have large company capabilities to manufacture the items you need. The price is right to allow you to hold on to your small company values while delivering products that are worthy of a gigantic corporation. Get quality superabrasive tooling in as little as one week with our fast delivery policy, and get to work.